Friday, February 29, 2008

Carter Lake

geographically within but politically outside of Nebraskashire's influence, Carter Lake is a local Lesotho--tenuously connected to its magistrates in the neighboring district of Iowhampton.

Carter Lake features a unique sort of people who are fiercely individualistic, perchance the more insular because of their proximity to and dependence upon the inimical populace and alien environ which surround them.

theoretically, a lake just north of Omaha's thriving downtown would be prime real estate.

however, the area sits betwixt one of Omaha's poorest neighborhoods and the airport. soon, it may become even more a home-away-from-home for the impoverished of both districts; leaders of the indigenous Ponca Tribe propose constructing a casino on Carter Lake. thereafter, those unwilling or unable to resist the beguiling delectation of Iowhampton need no longer fear a cold walk across the Mormon Bridge (or Missouri River Pedestrian Bridge) in January as penance for staking the title to their jalopy on a 19 in Vingt-et-un.


Jon said...

Ha ha this came up in my class recently. lol!!!

This blog is so relevant!

Nichol Caddingham said...

ewwwww, is someone at University of Minnesota from Carter Lake--I assume only locals and readers of this blog know about this geographic anomaly?

I didn't know respectable institutions admitted students from western Iowa's version of western Nebraska.

also: is this knowledgeable party Ponca? please don't tell them my opinion of their casino proposal (poors exploiting poors doesn't seem the fairest way to escape one's situation)...Poncas are to western Iowa what the Irish are to Boston.

for all my criticism of Carter Lake/Iowa, I must say that if Omaha mayor Mike Fahey attempted to occupy this backwash, I'd be the first to sign up for the militia. same goes for any action taken by Iowa governor Chet Culver to muster troops in Carter Lake to claim Omaha. I have no real loyalties except to logical boundaries and my love for bloody border disputes.

Nichol Caddingham said...

and: thanks!

Jon said...

Actually it came up in a case we read - one party was from Carter Lake and the court didn't know if they were a resident of Iowa or Nebraska. Hilarity then ensued, as you no doubt can imagine. If my 'arch nemesis' reads this, she'll understand the problems this created for diversity jurisdiction and why everyone had a good laugh.

I thought of you needless to say.